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Offers supported by WAS, the World Aquaculture Society.
Working to to conserve marine life of the Southern Ocean.
Aims to develop, conduct, and coordinate collaborative research and training.
Working towards a public dialogue on issues such as fish and development, fish and nutrition, and related topics in health, livelihood, environment, water quality , and trade.
Provides funding for grassroots fisheries enhancement projects in the United States and Canada.
Coordinates fisheries research, controls the invasive sea lamprey, and facilitates cooperative fishery management.
Salmon and sea trout fishing on both the Lower Caragh river and the Upper Waterville lake fisheries.
International organization if scientists, management officials, and industry members concerned with the biology, ecology, production and management of shellfish.
International organization aiming to contribute to rational management of fisheries resources in the northwest Atlantic.
Information centre of the Icelandic Ministry of Fisheries.