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Aquacultural Engineering Society (AES) is to provide a means by which its members can come together to discuss engineering problems related to aquaculture.
Offers certifies responsible production practices and food safety at shrimp farms, processing plants, and other aquaculture facilities in a process-oriented certification for seafood buyers.
Offers supports aquaculture research initiatives across Canada in conjunction with university and industry partners to produce highly qualified personnel and provide educational training.
Offers national industry association representing the interests of Canadian aquaculture operators, feed companies, and suppliers, as well as finfish and shellfish aquaculture associations.
Offers international nonprofit trade association dedicated to responsible fish and shellfish farming and conservation of environmental and social resources.
NACA is dedicated to rural development and poverty alleviation through sustainable aquaculture and aquatic resource management.
works with all sectors of the U.K. fish industry to help raise standards, improve efficiency, and provide better service to consumers.
Offers commercial aquaculture trade organization, working to ensure the interests of trout farmers in the United States.
Offers international nonprofit society focused on improving communication and information exchange within the diverse global aquaculture community.