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Features the paper, Organic Matter, Humus, Humate, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and Humin: Their Importance in Soil Fertility and Plant Health by Dr. Robert E. Pettit.
A non-governmental, nonprofit organisation fostering the application of scientific and practical methods for the general improvement of the soil through the use of fertilizers, especially potash.
Manual, tutorial, and interactive practice field cards for the Oklahoma Land Judging competition. Also provides information on past national competitions.
Up-to-date links to member firms, vendors, organizations, and information on pedology, edaphology, microbiology, bioremediation, stormwater, wetlands, nutrients, and more.
Nonprofit association communicating responsible, economic management of soil, water, and crops in the environment.
An environmental monitoring program that helps communities better understand salinity problems.
Software and articles on waterlogging, soil salinity, land drainage, and reclamation, developed and written by R.J.Oosterbaan.