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Bringing the world of gardening to you.
Nonprofit group dedicated to the advancement of zoo horticulture in zoological parks, gardens, and aquariums.
BIAN's goals are to promote the nursery industry.
The Horticultural Development Board which has responsibility for the development of the horticultural industry in Ireland.
Identifies disease-resistant cultivars and provides information to members.
Consists of affiliated organizations that represent and promote specific sectors of horticulture. Includes a list of upcoming activities.
The Kanata-March Horticultural Society acknowledges, with gratitude, the financial support it receives through grants from the City of Ottawa and the Ontario Horticultural Association.
Includes information about the New England Spring Flower Show, our educational programs, library, bookstore and special events.
Members are equipped with the latest information and technology to serve nursery and landscaping needs.
Networking and information resource for gardeners and horticulturists who work to enhance and preserve plant life in their homes and communities.
State trade association for the green industry.
Encompasses the nursery/landscape industry.