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A revolutionary new physical model for elementary particles, the atom and the nucleus.
Nonprofit educational foundation, founded by physicist Mani Bhaumik, which aims to disseminate the profound knowledge of science to the general public for the enrichment of their spiritual lives.
Offers theories on time sensing, autoadaptation, and more.
Explains how material particles come into existence from dynamic metaphysical reality.
Introduces a new theory in relativistic physics that correlates classical and relativistic principles into a unified theory that replaces Einstein's special and general relativity theories.
Defines the concepts of body, mind, and soul in terms of fundamental physics constants. Proposes a new model of metaphysics.
Outline of a new philosophy based on partnership, empowerment, and a mathematical physical theory of everything (quantum animism).
Attempt to develop a Theory of Everything from a geometrical basis. General Relativity and Quantum Uncertainty have shown that non-Euclidean space may yield curvature.
A theory of everything. Educates the public about common questions about science and the humanities.