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Working to provide solid scientific proof and help others understand that life exists beyond the grave.
Investigates cemeteries, houses, and any other place that might have the presence of paranormal activity.
International team of parapsychologists and paranormal investigators in the North and East Texas areas along with Winchester, U.K.
Group of investigators looking for rational, natural, or plausible explanations for alleged paranormal phenomena.
Paranormal researchers investigating haunts, ghosts, spirits, and other anomolies in Pensacola, FL.
With pictures from ghost hunts and a few true ghost stories.
Provides information on all aspects of researching and investigating ghostly phenomena.
Investigations and research of ghosts and paranormal activity. Offers a haunted locations database for the state of Missouri.
Organization dedicated to investigating and documenting alleged hauntings in Ohio.
Dedicated to the research investigation of history hauntings around the world, based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Also offers ghost walks, campfires, and trips.
Featuring photos, articles, and home study information.
Team of investigators researching the vast realms of the paranormal.
Investigating, recording ghost tales , haunted houses in countless cities and small towns all over Texas.
Association dedicated to paranormal research in the state of Maryland.
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