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Welcome to - homepage for The Association of Independent Danish Skeptics.
Encourage critical thinking, and accuracy in the media and schools. Focusing on paranormal, pseudoscience, fraud, and psychotherapeutic practices.
Committed to encouraging rational, well-informed evaluation of fringe-science, pseudo-science and paranormal claims.
Contains publications, mailing lists, and links to other paranormal sites.
Advocative philosophical and social organization promoting skeptical inquiry of paranormal claims and of any manner of thinking or movement that claims a scientific basis.
An independent nonprofit educational and scientific organization that promotes critical thinking and scientific understanding.
Local, autonomous organization devoted to promoting the use of science and rational thinking in viewing the world in which we live.
Explanation of objectives, articles, and frequently asked questions.
Dedicated to skeptical issues, using a rationalist approach to the discussion of scientific, philosophical, and society issues.
Collection of articles designed to encourage skepticism. In Russian.
Educates students about the value of science and secularism in society.
The mission of the Skeptic Friends Network is to promote skepticism, critical thinking, science and logic.
Magazine and Society promoting scientific and critical thinking while debunking psychics.
Listing articles and information on activities.
Nonprofit scientific and educational organization that critically examines paranormal and fringe-science claims and publishes a quarterly newsletter.