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Botanical garden noted for its camellia forest, rosarium, iris, and California native plant collections.
A host of colorful characters is expected at the Gardens this fall.
110-acre garden featuring hundreds of identified plants including perennials, flowers, shrubs, and more.
The only full-scale replica of a Ming Dynasty scholar's garden built outside of China.
Contains a mixture of shaded woodlands, open spaces, and flower gardens covering 70 hectares in New Zealand's historic Ngatapa district of Gisborne.
Garden with original and Polynesian sculptures, art gallery with works by 19th century New Zealand painters, and more.
Nonprofit community horticultural foundation featuring a 2.5 acre property with a historic home, carriage house, tea house and formal.
Tour a magnificent country estate with 16 acres of formal gardens, surrounded by 620 acres of wilderness area for guided hikes.
Displaying a diverse collection of trees in a park-like setting.
Collection of trees and plants native to Northern Illinois and the Midwest. Site description inventory, virtual tour, calendar of events festivals, and more.
Native plant botanical garden with acres of designed gardens and courtyards showcasing the magnificent native plants of the Texas Hill Country in a variety of styles from naturalistic to formal.
Information on pine trees including classification, morphology, diseases, climate, endangered species, and how to grow them, with many pictures.
At the United States Botanic Garden.
Focuses on education, economic development, research, conservation, and garden demonstration with respect to landscape.
"Stroll through 16 acres of outdoor display gardens including Olbrich's award-winning Rose Garden and