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Buy Online direct from China, chemicals for your laboratory.
Home page of the chemist who first synthsized the birth control pill. Features his fiction, biographical sketch, art collection, lecture schedule, and more.
worldwide online chemistry community, offering preprint server with unpublished papers, Alchemist magazine, careers center, and more.
provides chemistry, environmental, and hazardous materials educational resources including a detailed periodic table of elements, articles, a geologic timeline, and more.
research in the areas of optoelectronic and advanced electronic devices for current and future applications in communications, computing and microwave systems.
provides information on molecules and molecular systems featuring digital imaging and historical milestones.
includes history of the foundation, information about Amadeo Avogadro, jokes, and more.
conference announcements, academic chemistry employment clearinghouse, conference listings, chemistry software, etc.
annual Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy. Held each March, in a different city.
free and public distributed database of molecular structures analyzed by crystallography labs across the world.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; August 19-21, 2001.
concerned with a broad range of phenomena.
resources for chemists, materials scientists, and device technologists working on sol-gel related fields.