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provides chemical industry and business news, industry reports, fact sheets, press releases and media contacts.
for managers of analytical laboratories in industry, government, and academia.
offers list of chemical consultants in various fields of chemistry, metallurgy, and related fields.
search Chemical Abstracts to find references of interest and get the full article from the web sites of major scientific publishers.
facilitates the exchange of information on scientific and technical matters relating to inorganic phosphate products.
informational resource about phthalates, with panel statements on the latest news, review of the issues, and a list of scientific resources.
nonprofit association of salt producers founded in 1914. Information about salt and its 14,000 known uses.
strives to increase and disseminate cosmetic scientific information through meetings and publications.
concerned with a broad range of phenomena relating to electrochemical and solid state science and technology.
contains information about the French chemical industry union, working in the industry, and more.