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creates and promotes artificial reefs on the west coast of Canada for use by SCUBA divers.
nonprofit group working to bring the de-commissioned USAFS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg to the Flordia Key's waters to become an artificial reef.
shared resources for all reef ball artificial reef companies including Reef Ball Foundation, Reef Ball Coalition, Reef Ball DG, and others.
promotes awareness and understanding of the potential value to be derived from artificial reef ecosystems in offshore California.
provides an ongoing, productive use of the former destroyer ex-HMAS Hobart, as well as enhancing marine life.
creating artificial reefs off the southern end of North Carolina.
dedicated to artificial reef deployment, research, and public education.
dedicated to the creation of artificial reefs in the coastal waters of New England.
information on Reef Balls, state of the art artificial reefs used to restore ailing coral reefs. FAQs and links to artificial reef research.