Since 2005 offers links to websites related to biochemistry, reliability engineering, chemist, morality, medical physics, mechanical engineering, earth sciences, materials, astrophysics, nuclear, software, molecular and much more.
describes fossil collecting sites in California with detailed instructions.
guide to the diversity of fossils around the U.K., including equipment needed, locations, preparation, and other resources.
sharing of information about fossil and living sharks and rays.
Located on the banks of the Ohio River, it features one of the largest naturally exposed Devonian fossil beds in the world.
monthly printed and online magazine devoted to all facets of paleontology.
resource for fossil collectors in and around the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. Includes fossil identification and collecting tips, virtual tours of fossil sites, and more.
Fossil images with identification from the Lower Cretaceous, Albian Stage (Gault Clay and uppermost Lower Greensand) of Folkestone and other localities in South East England.
dedicated to the fossil fauna (lower Eocene Ypresian) found on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.
amateur fossil collector offers photos and information on his collection found in North Texas. Mainly from the Cretaceous period.