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links to scores of dinosaur pictures around the Web.
packed with 245 million years of news.
dinosaur articles, discussions, essays, reference materials, and products to buy.
dedicated to research, exploration, and possible recovery of the dinosaur fossils lost in the ocean during transport to England.
includes information on the 1997 expedition, an interactive skeleton, and educational materials for teachers and students.
educational resource featuring dinosaur games, editorials, time lines, and museum information.
features news, events, links, articles, and interviews with paleontologists.
features news and resource links and facts.
contains images, charts, essays, cladograms, detailed information on every species of non-avian dinosaur, and more.
updated with facts, stories, interviews, and semi-live content directly from a Tyrannosaurus dig in Montana.
the 66-million-year-old skeleton of a small, plant-eating Thescelosaurus contains a fossilized dinosaur heart.
on-line hypertext book about dinosaurs, designed for students of all ages and levels of comprehension.