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Citizens working for healthy and sustainable community and rural forest ecosystems since 1875, home of the Global ReLeaf environmental campaign.
For forest activists working to stop logging of pristine wildlands and to protect biodiversity on the National Forests and public lands.
Promoting the growth of renewable forest resources on private lands while protecting environmental benefits and increasing public understanding of forestry.
Aims to protect forests from fire, encourage volunteer work, and promote sustainable development and environmental awareness.
Works to protect native natural forests in the Portland, Oregon area and the Eagle Creek watershed.
Northern white-cedar planting and protection project on Michigan's Au Sable River.
Works to halt environmentally damaging ski area expansions, logging, and motorized recreation to protect wildlife in the forests of Colorado.
Working to enhance the welfare of primate populations and tropical forest ecosystems.
Working to save the last .004 percent of the remaining ancient forests left in Ohio from the impact of pending mining activities.
Welcome to working to further the preservation and restoration of old-growth forests in eastern North America.
Welcome to Environmental Protection Information Center.
Works to protect and restore the native biological diversity of forests and woodlands throughout the United States.
Dedicated to protecting the ancient rainforests of British Columbia and endangered forests of North America by redirecting U.S. markets toward ecologically sound alternatives.
Working to protect and enhance the forests and wildlife habitat of California through educational, legislative, and electoral activities.
Seeks to work with Pennsylvania's citizens and the U.S. Forest Service to designate new federal wilderness in the Allegheny National Forest.