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Sponsors pay for tree planting in response to user mouse clicks.
National conservation program sponsored by Carter Holt Harvey seeking to rescue the native New Zealand pohutukawa and rata flowering tree species.
Works to educate the government, industry, and the general public about ecological paper issues.
Nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to preserving and protecting Southern California's San Gorgonio wilderness.
Has sponsored national legislation to change the U.S. Forest Service charter from timber extraction to forest stewardship.
Welcome to Save the Redwoods League.
A private, nonprofit land conservancy dedicated to protecting coast redwood land and making that land available for public enjoyment.
Collective of forest activists, indigenous people, and conservation biologists.
Initiates and supports environmentally beneficial self-help projects.
Opposing clearcutting, logging of old growth forest, excessive road building, and other forms of industrial logging in the Umpqua Basin.
Global autononomous collective of forest activists, indigenous peoples, conservation biologists and non-governmental organizations.
Dedicated to the protection of our native woodland heritage.
Blend of art, spirit and environmental politics to help end commercial logging on public lands, operated by Daniel Dancer under the auspices of Interspecies Communication Inc.