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Welcome to nonprofit coalition of business, government, environmental, and consumer leaders promoting efficient use of energy.
Nonprofit devoted to research, publications, and conferences on energy efficiency in buildings, utilities, applicances, office equipment, industry, and transportation.
Aims to encourage a positive national awareness of the need for and benefits of energy conservation.
Promoting energy efficiency in China.
Collaboration of major environmental organizations, public interest groups and clean technology companies working to achieve a more sustainable energy future.
Program focused on supporting the use of markets as a tool for reducing pollution and increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy.
Providers of sustainable energy advice in the U.K. Includes information on renewable energy including solar power for homes and businesses, as well as grants for heating, insulation, lighting, and more.
Association focusing on energy efficiency in the European municipalities, urban energy planning, urban transport, and European programmes.
Stimulates energy efficiency through information exchange and pan-European co-operation. The main activity is the ECEEE Summer Study.
Nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing issues affecting people and the environment on an interdisciplinary basis.
Welcome to a nonprofit consortium dedicated to transforming markets for energy-efficient products and services.
Nonprofit trade association representing businesses providing energy efficiency goods and services to users in the Pacific Northwest.
A nonprofit organization serving as a clearinghouse for information on energy efficiency programs, technologies and measures.