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Nonprofit, public interest, membership organization dedicated to creating fair, affordable, environmentally responsible, community-based energy policies for Louisiana.
Strives to develop the efficient use of electric energy in industry.
An international consortium, owns the Energy Database, with over 3 million bibliographic citations of international energy research and development information.
Informal forum on energy-based topics with members of the European Parliament, European Commission, and experts from industry, associations, and organizations.
Public relations and lobbying organization funded by the Western Fuels Association that is skeptical of the potential for catastrophic climate change due to carbon dioxide emissions generated by human activity.
Seeks to modernize the U.S.'s electric system and create a collaborative network filled with information and abundant market-based opportunities.
Welcome to IEA Greenhouse Technology Information Exchange.
Provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, experience, and issues among professionals interested in energy economics.
Autonomous agency linked with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that determines policies to meet changing energy and economic conditions.
Welcome to International Flame Research Foundation.
Promotes research, education, and professional knowledge.
Conducting an educational campaign to provide California's consumers with accurate, unbiased information about the deregulation of the electric industry.
Learn about LPPC and its members, test your knowledge with our Powerful Trivia Challenge and find answers to the many confusing issues surrounding public power.
Represents the exploration, drilling, production, transportation, processing and storage of crude oil and natural gas in the State of Michigan.
Represents state officials who hold primary responsibility over energy policy within their respective governments.