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National grassroots organization focused on the promotion of clean energy technologies. Mission is to protect and enhance federal and state government budgets devoted to clean energy technologies.
Information about wood pellets as an energy source.
Collaboration of major environmental organizations, public interest groups and clean technology companies working to achieve a more sustainable energy future.
Promotes the adoption of advanced technologies among Chinese renewable energy enterprises and actively develops capacity for the rapid industrialization of the Chinese renewable energy sector.
Collaborates with grassroots groups in search of alternative development models on the basis of the experience, expectations, and objectives of marginalized peoples.
Association working to support renewable energy sources in the European institutions.
Established to develop, test, and demonstrate renewable energy technologies for manufacturing in small and medium scale industries.
Partnership of several major corporations with the goal of creating 1,000 MW of new green power by 2010.
Welcome to offers information on renewable electricity options when looking for an electricity service provider.
Promotes technologies, energy efficiency, and sustainable design.
International information on the application of renewable energy technologies.
Worldwide network consisting of 140 Non- Governmental Organisations working in about 60 countries to promote sustainable energy and social development.
Nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of the thermoelectric industry, science, and technology.
Network for sharing ideas, resources, and information with individuals, businesses, and communities to promote a sustainable future through renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Project for an energy-efficient economy; promotes sustainable energy policies and renewable energy.