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Marie Curie
Marie Curie (birth name Maria Sklodowska) was born on the 7th of November 1867 in Warsaw, Poland and died on the 4th of July 1934. She was one of the world's most talented and famous physicists and chemists. She was also the first woman professor at the Sorbonne. Her childhood was marked by the loss of her sister and mother. When she was 24 years old she decided to leave to Paris in order to study science. Her parents were both teachers. She became an important scientist and finally she obtained the French nationality. She was so dedicated to her work that she sometimes forgot to eat and even sleep in order to study more. [...]
Lord Kelvin
Lord Kelvin (William Thomson) was born on Saturday, June 26, 1824 in Belfast and he was a famous physicist. William Thomson was born on 26 June 1824 in Belfast, Ireland to mother Margaret Gardner and father James Thomson (a mathematics and engineering teacher at Royal Belfast Academical Institution). William was the second child born in a family of four children. He lost his mother at a very young age of 6 in 1830. William was educated at home along with his elder brother James. Home tutoring was done by their father while their younger brothers received their education from elder sisters. [...]
Henri Poincare
Henri Poincare was born on April 29, 1854 in Nancy, France and died on July 17, 1912. He remained in the history as a great mathematician, theoretical physicist and a philosopher of science.
Biography and Career :
Leon Poincare was his father, a professor of medicine at the University of Nancy and his mother was Eugenie Launois. One of his cousins, Raymond, became President of France. [...]
Louis Pasteur
Louis Pasteur was born on December 27, 1822 in Dole-Arbois, France and died on September 28, 1895. He was a magnificent chemist who did many researches in microbiology.
Biography and Career :
He attended the college in Arbois and afterwards the Royal college in Besancon. In 1840 he got his degree in Literature and after two years in Mathematics. In 1843 he entered the Superior Normal School in Paris and in 1947 he obtained his doctorate in physics and chemistry. [...]
Robert Koch
Robert Koch (birth name Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch) was born on December 11, 1843 in Clausthal, Germany and died on May 27, 1910. He was a great physician and he gained his fame after isolating Bacillus anthracis, the tuberculosis bacillus and the cholera vibrio.
Biography and Career :
His father was a mining official. He attended the University of Gottingen and his teacher was Friedrich Gustav Jakob Henle. [...]