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factoids about the number 37.
think of something that comes in threes and contribute it, as part of an attempt to create a book with the most authors ever.
book by David Blatner, telling the story of pi and humankind's fascination with it, from Archimedes to the modern day Chudnovsky brothers.
seeds a pseudo-random number generator with the 7 way SHA-1 cryptographic hash of a digitization of a chaotic system: the digital picture of 6 Lava Lite Lamps.
resources for prime numbers including history, primality proving theorems, list of record primes, software, and more.
true random number service with CORBA and WWW interfaces. Numbers are generated with atmospheric noise.
instant, customizable, random sampling and assignment. Throw your random number tables away!
looks at the relationship between the golden proportion and aesthetics.
claims a relationship between various universal identification systems and 666.
A tutorial that models fractions with number lines or circles.
the definition of pi, pi jokes, some digits, and links.
a concise look at the strangest number in the universe, by Charles Seife.