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database of international medical, biotechnical, and scientific events.
moderated panel addressing a linked series of fundamental questions about science, technology, and society. Columbia University, New York, NY.
global database of current science events including conferences, meetings, scientific awards, and courses. Covers life, physical, and earth sciences.
featuring pairs of researchers discussing provocative scientific questions. Held at U.C. Berkeley.
Articles on the art and science of criminal investigation, covering numerous types of evidence including fingerprint, physical, testimonial, and behavioral.
Points to online courses in forensic nursing, psychiatry, medicine, and corrections as well as other online resources.
Information center in forensic science, law, and public policy for lawyers, forensic scientists, educators, and public officials.
Sometimes incorrectly referred to as ballistics, firearms identification has as its primary concern the identification of fired ammunition components (bullets, cartridge cases) to a specific firearm.
Publishes articles, news reports, and commentary about the use of scientific evidence in legal proceedings.
A magazine for engineers and police officers involved in the civil and criminal investigation of automobile and truck collisions.
Guide to geography on the Web providing access to free resources, including revision sheets, photos, virtual fieldwork, outline maps, and useful links.
Science and chemistry resource site compiled for students at advanced secondary level.
Complete daily biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical magazine - news, FDA updates, jobs, suppliers, products.
provides chemistry, environmental, and hazardous materials educational resources including a detailed periodic table of elements, articles, a geologic timeline, and more.
research in the areas of optoelectronic and advanced electronic devices for current and future applications in communications, computing and microwave systems.