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a collection of chemistry resources, including problems for general and organic chemistry, and NMR and crystallographic resources.
provides research on cognition, language learning, and computing.
aims to collect and disseminate online complexity science related information to anybody interested in the topic.
provides a focal point for people in the U.K. interested in complex systems theory and its application in organizations. For people in business, science, education, and government.
interdisciplinary research project on the mutual influence between information technology and biology in order to study and exploit emergent mechanisms in organic and engineered systems.
news and information on multiagent systems research and applications.
features invited and contributed technical papers on theoretical and applied issues associated with the organization, modeling, analysis, simulation, control, and evaluation of systems. March 18-19, 2002 at the University of Alabama at Huntsville.
provides resources for professors and trainers to help improve the quality and content of IS education throughout the world.
provides information about their television programs, monthly essays, gardening tips, and eco-friendly products.
Annotated links to multimedia science gems sorted by subtopic and grade level.
Includes a searchable directory of links, quizzes, message board, and trivia.
the top twenty achievements in terms of their impact on the quality of life, chosen by the National Academy of Engineering and its collaborators.
features births, deaths, and events in the history of science, invention, and technology.
providing coverage of unusual science and engineering topics, projects, and a CD-ROM of scanned vintage science books.