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A national research institute at the front end of the knowledge chain from fundamental result to application in society.
basic research in electrodynamics, relativity, gravitation, inertia, and the zero-point field of the quantum vacuum.
dedicated to the exploration of new frontiers in physics, primarily centered around investigations into various aspects of the zero-point field.
"Emory’s Physics Department provides a comprehensive physics education and research
"EPSRC funds research and postgraduate training in engineering and the physical
Napoli DSF, INFN, INFM Home Page. Home · English Version.
Pagina Principal del Instituto de Física de la Facultad de Ciencias.
Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati/International School for Advanced Studies.
The Ioffe Institute is one of Russia's largest institutions for research in physics and technology with a wide variety of operating projects.
Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Measurement and Computing Techniques, Atomic Energy, Particle and Nuclear Physics, Solid State Physics, Isotopes
The Department of Physics and Measurement Technology, Biology and Chemistry (IFM) at Linköpings universitet in Sweden has been in operation for three decades and during that time expanded quite substantially.
plasma physics, stellarators, accelerators, plasma electronics, and new methods of acceleration.
works on basic sciences in the area of physics and astrophysics.
"TU Darmstadt - Homepage, Fachbereich Physik der TU Darmstadt, Fachbereich Physik