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The University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.
seeks to solve 21st century problems through electronic neworking of leading researchers and educators around the globe.
nonprofit research group that provides scientific and technical advice on public policy.
studying the biological mysteries that underlie health and disease and committed to enhancing science education through grants to schools, museums, and universities.
nonprofit organization of leading industrial companies.
privately owned company dedicated to the advancement of insect diet and rearing science & technology through education, consultation, and research. Offers workshops in Tucson, Arizona.
JSPS plays a key role in the administration of various scientific and academic programs.
aimed at furthering the atmosphere and culture of scientific thought and progress in the participants.
Linc, founded in 1993, is a research group of Internet communication under private environments.
independent research institute researching the causes, nature, and treatment of diseases. Study fields include asthma, cancer, and multipl sclerosis.
supports projects in historical research, physics, chemistry, material sciences, biology and biotechnology. NHRF houses research libraries and laboratories. In English and Greek.
main offices located in Pasadena, California, with observatories located in Chile and Palomar.
conducts scientific and technological research and development work. Research topics include computer technology, mechanical design, industrial chemistry, environmental research, and more.