Since 2005 offers links to websites related to biochemistry, reliability engineering, chemist, morality, medical physics, mechanical engineering, earth sciences, materials, astrophysics, nuclear, software, molecular and much more.
Offers interactive converters for distance, area, volume, mass, time, velocity, force, pressure, energy, power, density, flow, luminance, illuminance, temperature, and angles.
Numeric formats, temperatures, time zones, measures, and weights.
Friendly JavaScript interface converts weight, volume, length, area, speed, pressure, temperature, circular measure, and time into different units and unit systems.
An ever-growing set of weights, measures, and units conversion/calculation modules.
Converts weight, length, area, speed, temperature, time, and more.
Recalculates age to nearest second, minute, days, and weeks on Earth. Also breaks down extra-planetary years.
Engineering/scientific unit conversion calculator. Also offers currency conversion and a database of constants.
Provides a collection of online converters for electrical, energy, mass, temperature, and fuel consumption measurements.