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project attempting a one-year multi-exposure photograph of the sun by Ulrich Bienert.
contains a gallery of astrophotography by Philip Perkins of nebulas, galaxies, and more, as well as articles on technique and equipment.
CCD astroimages taken with an SBIG ST-237A and Celestron C8.
amateur astronomers and astrophotographers show many treasures of the night sky in this collection of galleries.
deep-sky lunar, planetary, and comet, and wide-angle images taken with various telescopes and lenses.
astrophotography, images and techniques.
offers a variety of images highlighting what can be accomplished using modest equipment in average skies.
gallery of CCD astroimages by Chris Hetlage, Norcross, GA Astro-Physics AP130 scope, SBIG ST8XE camera, and a variety of digicams.
first impressions astrophotography.
amateur astrophotography images and resources for the c11, including sct disassembly procedures and custom modifications.
provides techniques on how to do simple astrophotography using only a camera on a tripod to take photos of auroras, constellations, and conjunctions.
with deep sky images gallery and observatory information.
pictures of constellations, nebulae, and other astronomical images. Also contains general Astronomical information.
includes photos, information, and links.