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an informal group of people who enjoy looking at stars and planets, and who love to communicate their excitement about the heavens to others.
membership is open to all those interested in pursuing astronomy as a hobby.
free public programs, planetarium shows, solar and sunset observing, astronomy classes, and public and school outreach.
founded in 1982 to bring the beauty of the night sky to the families of the Antelope Valley.
a confederation of U.S. astronomical societies invites you to browse our information on astronomy and astronomical societies.
with members in northern Nevada and eastern California hosting star parties and many other astronomy-related activities.
scientific and educational organization which fosters continuing interest in amateur astronomy.
provides observing facilities for members and educational lectures for members and the public. Also assists in the construction, selection, and use of telescopes.
general interest Astronomy club and magazine with a distinctly Irish flavour.
Founded 1881. Meets at Maryland Science Center in Balitimore second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm.
nonprofit educational and scientific organization dedicated to bringing the hobby of amateur astronomy to the community.