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offering nanotechnology information, news, new products, suppliers, and expert directory.
deals with nanotechnology defined as precise molecule by molecule control of products and byproducts in the development of functional structures.
desires to directly influence the design and development of a nanometer scale computer.
news and discussion of emerging technologies.
analyzes developments in molecular machine systems to address medical problems.
February 23-27, 2003; San Francisco, CA.
information for nanotechnology capability companies in Australia.
offers a resource portal for nano science and nano tech news with event information, interviews, directories, glossary, and a tutorial on the basics.
online distributor of publications, with a focus on nano- science, technology, and education. Includes the Encyclopedia Nanotech.
committed to long-term nano science and engineering research; synthesis, processing, and application of nano materials; and the exploration of nanodevice concepts.
nanotechnology research, discussion, and message forums.