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Contains the natural history and captive care for North American box turtles.
Provides information on Red Ear Sliders, Sea Turtles, and other species.
By Anita Salzberg. One woman's account of life sharing a Queens apartment with her husband and a large collection of turtles.
Offers information, pictures, tortoise forum for asking and answering questions, care sheets, and more.
Covers the basics of pet turtle selection and care.
Provides information on the care of captive snapping turtles.
Includes useful information on looking after tortoises, particularly Mediterranean Spur-Thighed. Also offers baby tortoises for sale.
Includes evolution, anatomy, trivia and more.
Learn how to care for American, Asia, Africa, and South America turtles.
Reptilian cinema du jour featuring video clips, games, links, and downloads all about turtles.
Includes reference material on the care of Red Ear Sliders as well as pictures of turtles.
national volunteer program designed to help identify ecological changes by monitoring earthworms.
studies the neural system that controls the heart of the medicinal leech.
studies the male tail of C. elegans, a model system for research in developmental genetics.
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