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energy education especially for kids from the California Energy Commission. Includes projects, experiments, and descriptions of many types of energy.
an online project for grades 6-12 to help prepare students for today's workplace. Students become energy consultants and conduct energy audits for their school.
discusses energy: what it is, what forms it may take, what processes and devices are used to store it, transport it, and convert it among different forms, and energy resource conservation.
devoted to the longest burning light bulb in history, with facts, articles, and web cam.
Description of recently patented electroplating technology (REVERUP), how it works, and fuel consumption tests at Southwest Research (ASTM Sequence VI)
Provides resources on the history of engineering and the ongoing convergence of science, engineering, and technology.
The top twenty achievements in terms of their impact on the quality of life, chosen by the National Academy of Engineering and its collaborators.
Sampling of historic feats and oddities, with photographs, maps, and links.
Offering information for technical professionals on industry standards and specifications, training materials, software, and more.
features information on the various scientific conferences organized under the espouses of the Aegean Conferences, and held throughout Greece.
database of international medical, biotechnical, and scientific events.
moderated panel addressing a linked series of fundamental questions about science, technology, and society. Columbia University, New York, NY.
global database of current science events including conferences, meetings, scientific awards, and courses. Covers life, physical, and earth sciences.
featuring pairs of researchers discussing provocative scientific questions. Held at U.C. Berkeley.
Articles on the art and science of criminal investigation, covering numerous types of evidence including fingerprint, physical, testimonial, and behavioral.